4 Thing You Should Include on Your Company Website

 First impressions are everything. In today’s world, everything we do is online. With that being said, it is important for your website to make the best first impression possible when a user clicks on your site. For most businesses, your company website is your greatest online platform for selling your brand, your quality, and your products or services.  All of these qualities should be conveyed through your content, design, and navigation efforts. Have you ever looked up a company, visited their site, and been extremely disappointed with the quality? Did you continue to invest time or money into that company? For most people, the answer is, probably not. Unfortunately, a bad website can leave a bad impression, no matter how amazing your business may be. 


Here at 5thFactory, we love making websites. Even though the process of designing a website through selecting fun colors and templates is exciting, there are a few basics that are an absolute must for all websites. In this blog post, we will discuss 4 very important features that your business should include when starting to design a new site. 


1.Company Logo/ Distinctive Branding 

The first thing you must have on you company site is your company logo, name, and unique branding colors. Your company logo should be featured on the landing page of the site and be present throughout the entire site. This provides consistency and repetition throughout the site. Next is your company name. This can go hand in hand with the logo or act as a separate entity. Just like the logo, this gives users a consistent brand cohesiveness through the site that is both professional and visually appealing.  These three elements are what sets your brand apart from others and creates a unique distinction in what you have to offer. Need help with your logo or branding efforts? There are many businesses, including 5thFactory, that can help! 


2. Easy Navigation 

The next element to consider when creating a site is an easy navigation. You may want to consider limiting the number of tabs on the home page as this may be overwhelming to users if they are trying to find something specific. A solution to this problem would be categorizing the areas of your business you want users to explore, then using a drop down menu to dive deeper into those specific categories. There are many different ways to build a navigation menu so it is important to make sure to align this design with your company’s goals. This leads us to our next must-have site feature…


3. Prominent Call to Action 

The next thing your site should include is a prominent call to action. As previously stated, it is important to align the design of your site to your company goals. So ask yourself, “What is our company goal? Is it to generate leads, make sales, or just simply educate users about our products and services?” Once you have answered this question, not only will you be able to know how to design your site, you will be able to know how to display your prominent call to action. For example, if your main goal is to increase sales from your company site, you should place various “Buy Now” buttons throughout the site giving users to opportunity to purchase your products or services by simply clicking a button as they are scrolling. This decision would make your design effective for achieving your sales goal.


4. Clear Contact Information

 Last but certainly not least, it is imperative you have your companies contact information easily accessible and visible to users of the site. The most common place to have this information is its own tab or in the footer of the website. Some companies even have it in both (we definitely recommend!) Your contact information is very important as it is a primary source for users to interact with you. By creating a “Contact Us” page where users can clearly see an address, phone number, and email for use if they have questions or concerns, will automatically make them feel more connected to the brand from that start. You can even customize a form to add to the website where users can type a message and it will be sent to your business as an email. By adding this easily accessible information you will be sure to leave your users feeling connected to your business, not frustrated with it. 


Now that we have given you the basics on must-have website features, its time to implement! There are many website platforms such as WordPress, Wix, and Sqaurespace that can make the website design process both user-friendly and enjoyable. Need help? Send us an email at hello@5thfactory.com and let’s start a conversation about your new website today! 




Clare Jolly