Our Vision

 Our other three service pillars — social media, website development, and branding — focus on creating beautiful, original content to achieve organic growth in your market. We believe that well managed and breathtaking websites and social media are the essence of digital marketing destined to go viral.

Once you have invested in creating captivating content and organic growth on your website and social media, a strategic investment in ad campaigns can considerably multiply your reach and impact. We offer highly targeted digital ad campaigns fine-tuned by advanced analytics.



We start your digital advertising campaign by curating a highly specific and carefully built audience of target users to display your ads to.

Oh, and we also custom design the graphics and content of your ad in order to make it as successful as possible.



We are able to used advanced targeting to show your ads to extremely relevant prospects for your business and services.

We target by isolating about ten of several million parameters from age to occupation to hobbies and personal interests.



We critically engage with analytics throughout the duration of your campaign in order to tweak our strategy in real time to achieve the best return on spend.

This also allows us to be rigorously accountable to the impact of your ad spend.


 What Sets Us apart

  • Scientific Approach — we run our ad campaigns like a methodical science experiment. First, we start with a hypothesis as to the taglines and images that will best resonate with the target audience, as well as who your ideal target audience is. Then, through careful monitoring of your campaign’s analytics, we make adjustments to our creative ads and targeting strategy in order to maximize the total reach and impact of your campaign.

  • Transparency + Tracking — we hold ourselves accountable to being good stewards of your campaign budget and reporting, in detail, on the impact and returns of your ad spend.

  • A/B Testing — when we design an ad campaign, our fee includes both the creative design involved in designing a great ad, as well as the technical execution of that ad including curating an audience, targeting, and monitoring analytics + performance. We don’t stop there. When we deploy an ad for your campaign, we actually launch two or more ads simultaneously — essentially making the two compete against each other. Then, in the first 48 hours of your campaign, we evaluate which ad was the most successful and then double down on that creative piece in order to maximize the return on your ad spend.


 Love Your Advertising

Digital advertising is the highest return on investment ad spend available to businesses today. It is a privilege for 5th Factory to be an ambassador to the powerful marketplace of advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Let’s launch a campaign.